Lily C. 


About a year ago I’ve lost my mother which left me in an indescribable agony of grief. After months of persistent crying, I’ve determined that my physical and cognitive health was rapidly declining. I’ve developed severe depression, insomnia, weakness in my muscles and became extremely antisocial and helpless. I’ve lost the joy and my spark for life. All in all, I was losing myself and the quality of my life. It was then that I’ve decided to seek out any help that would make me feel somewhat normal again. I found reiki sessions and I signed up for some healing meditation classes. All of it was wonderful but the benefits didn’t last long. 

And as I almost lost hope for the restoration of my wellbeing, Biosound ad popped up on my Instagram feed and I’ve decided to come in for a complimentary session. Immediately after that first session, I knew this was something special. Biosound’s guided meditation and the vibrations of the bed, helped me relax physically and mentally which resulted in days of restful good night sleep. It is so hard to describe the wonderful feeling immediately after the sessions and the best way to describe it is as if I got not one but two full body Swedish massages. There are so many different programs to choose from in such a clean and relaxing environment. The staff is so kind and welcoming and they always try to accommodate my busy schedule I’ve decided to enroll into a membership and kept coming for more sessions. I am very impressed with the improvement in my overall wellbeing. I sleep so much better and wake up fully energized and well rested. I also have so much positive energy that carries me through my days between my Biosund sessions. I know I still have a long way on my healing journey, but Biosound is my preferred way of taking care of myself. 

I highly recommend Biosound to anyone who is looking for overall wellbeing. 

– Lily C.

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